Artist´s statement
I am fascinated by the fact that matter does not have permanent form and existence.

Photo collages
I use images of objects, materials, structures, and phenomena that are on an edge, in a transitional space or in process. The original significance of the image as a permanent documentation of a memory has evaporated, connections to its original stories have disappeared.

Video works
The video works are made in co-operation with artist Liisa Karvonen.

The first videos dating back to early 90`s were comments on the social and political situations. Their undertone rose from cruelty of man, submission, from dialogue between order and discipline. In the late 1990s, the works drew energy and visual imagery from the world touched by mythology and strange energies, while in the 2000s the videos have dealt with human separation, disappearance from yourself or from others – the inexplicable.

The combination of seemingly permanent and everchanging materials inspires me to build new meanings for these items and to guide them towards new, slightly twisted stories.

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