GroXX, 2000
video 4:35

GroXX has the shamanistic quality of a journey undertaken to reconnect with past eras and generations. It is a multilayered, dreamy video work which takes the spectator to the unconscious levels of mind and towards the origins of memory and rites of humankind. Gro refers to the word grotto, a cave, and XX to the signatures of unknown generations that have preceded us.

Screenings in Finland
• Galleria Kari Kenetti, Helsinki 2001
• Kettupäivät, Helsinki 2000

Screenings abroad
• 7th International Short Film and Video Contest, Antalaya, Turkey 2001
• Festival du Cinéma Nordique, Cafe Curieux, Rouen, France 2001
• European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück, Germany 2000

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