Seventh Angel, 1994
video 12:35

The Seventh Angel is a surreal depiction of power, cruelty, fear, subjection and submission in apocalyptic circumstances. Through the eyes of a little girl we perceive a glimmer of light in the gloomy and at times desperate world. The name of the work refers to the New Testament Book of Revelation. The Seventh Angel concludes the Sorting trilogy, preceded by Sunday (1990) and Land’s End (1991).

Screenings in Finland
• Experiani, Lyhyt kevät, Helsinki 1995
• Nordic Forum, Women´s Film and Video Festival, Turku 1994
• VidBizz, Bio Illusion, Helsinki 1994

Screenings abroad
• International Festival Electronie d´arte e altre scritture (Art Electronics and other writings), Rome, Italy 1995
• Pecci Museum, Prato-Firenze, Italy 1995
• Spaziotempo Gallery, Firenze, Italy 1995
• Giubbe Rosse Electronic Art Café, Florence, Italy 1995
• Lavatoio Contuma – Ciale Cultural Association, Rome, Italy 1994
• Damsterdammed -Link, Bologna, Italy 1994
• Artifex Gallery Torino, Italy 1994
• Ageve- Atelier Gluck Gallery, Milano, Italy 1994
• Round Videofestival – Gambalunga Palace, Rimini, Italy 1994

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