Sunday, 1990
video 3:35

Sunday is an ironic commentary on compliance and the use of power inspired the Revelations of Paul (Bible) in the Letter to the Romans, Chapter 13.
Sunday forms the first part of the Sorting trilogy, it was followed by Land’s End (1991) and The Seventh Angel (1994).

Screenings in Finland
• Applikaatio – the First Triennal of Finnish Art, Helsinki 1994
• The Museum of Contemporary Art, Kiasma, Helsinki 1994
• Nainen taiteilijana, Lönnström Art Museum, Rauma 1994
• Videon vuosikymmen, Oulu 1992
• AV-arkki/Torstaivideot, Helsinki 1991
• The Second International film Festivals in Kuopio 1990
• Neitsytpolulta Naistenklinikalle (videoteque), Helsinki 1990
• 10. Naiskulttuuripäivät, Tampere 1990
• YLE TV1, Finnish Broadcasting Company,Vidiootti 1990
• The 4th AV Biennale in Lahti 1990

Screenings abroad
• Institut Finlandais, Paris, France 1997
• A Decade of Finnish Video Art, St. Petersburg. Russia 1994
• A Decade of Finnish Video Art, Mücsarnot, Budapest, Hungary 1994

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